Dottie Sandusky is insane

If you haven’t seen or heard anything about it, this morning on the Today show, Matt Lauer interviewed Dottie Sandusky, wife of Jerry Sandusky, and journalist/filmmaker Jason Ziegler.

You can watch and read for yourself all of the quotes but I just have a few questions.

Why is this woman not in prison? Or even further, why in the world would anybody want to listen to this lady?

Lets pretend she didn’t hear screaming from the basement. Lets pretend that she had no idea that her husband was a pedophile. At what point does she say, “Hey hun, whats with all the kids you have sleep over and hang out with A LOT?” Now I don’t think you can be charged with living in la-la land but there has got to be something they can charge her with.

One of my favorite parts of the interview is where Lauer reads her a DIRECT QUOTE from her husband and she comes back with “Jerry wouldn’t say that.” Oh really? Well it was used in court testimony which, according to her reasoning, makes that 100% truth because once you take that oath the truth just comes spewing out of your body. Seriously, what planet does this woman live on?

I originally wrote that that was my favorite part of the interview but I couldn’t decide between that quote and when Lauer asks her why all of these victims testified. In a shocking twist that no one could have expected, she says because they want money and because lawyers and (without a doubt the most nauseating quote from the interview) because they were manipulated.

I’d like to start with the idea of money. Do people get paid to testify in court? If so I think I’ve got a new career choice. Can anybody even ballpark how much these victims made? Because I’ve never heard of the possibility that these victims were seeking money from Jerry from anyone other than the Sandusky camp.

Maybe she means those evil lawyers wanted to make money off of this poor old man who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time over and over and over again. I can’t disprove this but I’m pretty sure the way the world works is: 1) a person is wronged. 2) that person wants to right that wrong. 3) that person finds a lawyer to represent him or her in court. 4) that lawyer fights for that person. There is no agenda for the lawyer other than to accumulate enough evidence to win the case. Fortunately for these lawyers, there was a TON of evidence.

Finally, the puke de grace. These poor people were manipulated. This one she nailed. These victims were manipulated. They were manipulated by a sick man who couldn’t control himself around kids.

I’d like to end by saying I sincerely hope Ziegler is deported to Iceland. I have no problem with him wanting to dig deeper and look at the other side of this story. In fact I admire his courage to do so. However, right around the point where he implies that the mother of Victim 6 has to take some blame I lost all respect for him. This lady who, as soon as she found out the weird situation between her son and Jerry, told him to go away forever. I think she did a pretty good job under the circumstances considering I’m fairly certain I would have dropped the guy right there.

I hesitated to write this because it only shines more light on a delusional old woman and a money-grubbing reporter who seems to have absolutely zero reverence for these victims. If they had something more to say other than “Jerry wouldn’t do that” then I could understand but there was nothing of the sort. Ziegler points at a few discrepancies in the testimony but if even one kid was molested by Jerry then Sandusky deserves what he got.

I don’t have a problem with her believing this because I really think that deep down in her heart she has tricked herself into believing it. And who could blame her? She was married to an incredible manipulator.


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