Travelling as a Journalist

I got back from my trip to Maryland last night after covering MSU hoops at Annapolis this weekend and was bombarded with questions from my roommates asking what tourist things I did during my visit.

I felt ridiculous when I told them that the only things I did were go to a game and walked around Navy and Maryland’s campuses. No crab cakes and just football on TV is most certainly not what Maryland does.

But I’ve realized that this is what my life is as a student journalist. I don’t get to follow the team around as closely because I have to be in class. As the basketball team took their tour of Navy I was taking a tour of the mail room in the Administration Building. While professional journalists were talking about how many extra days they were going to stay in Maryland, I was worried about getting a kinesiology project done.

I had this same thing happen when I went to the Sweet 16 last year in New York. I got to see Madison Square Garden and went to one pizza place but other than that I can tell you absolutely nothing about that city.

I don’t really know what my overarching point to this is but all I know is the more I travel to away games as a student journalist, the longer my list of “places I need to go back and see for real” is.


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