Poor Brian Hoyer

Is anyone on the planet less appreciated than Brian Hoyer right now? Sure you could say single mothers or manual laborers but in my sports oriented Brian Hoyer is by far the worst.

The guy gets thrown into a no win situation as the quarterback of one of the lowliest teams in the NFL, leads the team to the most victories in SEVEN seasons with four games to play and all he gets is a “thanks for stickin around before we throw some new guy in here!”

Now before the stats people kill me, I’m aware that, by the numbers, Hoyer is nothing more than an average NFL quarterback. Definitely below average some days. He has a 1:1 pick to touchdown ratio, his passing percentage is pedestrian and his QBR and passer rating (if you know what the hell those mean) are the definition of average. But he is an (below) average quarterback who has led a team to seven wins and tied for second place in an extremely competitive division.

And yes, Johnny Football is the future in Cleveland. But what good does it do to throw your rookie quarterback into a tight playoff race when he has taken a total of nine snaps. He led a hell of a drive last week but why fix what isn’t broken?

So good for Mike Pettine for sticking with the guy who has gotten them this far. If Hoyer implodes, absolutely bench him and give me and the world what we want, JFF. But there’s no reason to bet the house on a horse that won one race.


I can’t wait for Manziel to play in the NFL. I hope he lights it up. That’s why I don’t want him in now. It’s not a good spot for him. Let him start a season and let him work out the real kinks early on in the year. Not when your team is in the hunt for its first playoff berth in God knows when.


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