2016 Boomers Internship

Week 16 8/15-8/21

I got back on the radio for the first time in awhile this week. It was good to be back. I couldn’t decide if the time off made me better or worse. I didn’t think my timing with Tim was as good but, since I was excited to be back I think I have more input than I normally do. The team is probably out of the playoffs at this point so there’s about 3 weeks left of the internship. The other interns have started to head back to school so they have me doing a bunch of different things around the office. I’ve been helping with ticket sales which I’d only done a little bit throughout the summer. It’s pretty mundane stuff but it helps connect with the customer. We have three games next week. I think I’ll be on air for most of them but with the dwindling number of interns I’m kind of ready for anything.

We hosted a country concert last Friday . That was interesting experience just in terms of setting up. It took a lot of work to get the stage on the field and transforming the clubhouses into catering rooms and dressing rooms. It was the first concert the team had ever hosted so it was kind of a test run but everything seemed to go well. Our GM said the performers couldn’t believe it was our first concert because we were so on top of everything

Week 15 8/8-8/14

We offered Tim Tebow a contract this week and I cannot believe the attention we got. There were articles about us all over the Internet and the Chicago Tribune called and interviewed our GM about the offer. We barely get a paragraph in the local paper most of the time so for us to receive calls from the Tribune is kind of a big deal. Even two days after we made the offer, the office was getting calls from people asking when Tebow would start. I know Tebow is like cat nip for click-hungry writers but I never would have guessed we’d get this much press. Two more games this week and then we host a country concert on Friday.

Week 14 8/1-8/7

This weekend was our second to last weekend home series of the year. I was in the scorer’s booth all weekend. I don’t mind doing the scoring but I’m kind of wishing I’d be on the radio more. Not because I was doing a ton of talking when I was on air but the team has been struggling and I like hearing how broadcasters keep listeners engaged when the games aren’t going well. We just have two games during the week this week and I’ll be on-field emcee for one and scoring for the other. I should be back in the radio booth next week at some point. I’m still doing game recaps which is good.

Week 13 7/25- 7/31

Another easy week. I spent most of the weekend in the scorer’s seat because our regular guy wasn’t here. That’s a nice change of pace for me because, while I love doing radio, scoring is a more engaging activity for me. Plus I can make more noise and react when somebody does something cool which is always nice. I saw one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen in a press box during this series. The other team’s radio guy was losing his mind when his team gave up a lead late in a game. Like stomping around and slapping doors. Outside of Hawk Harrelson, I didn’t know people did that in a press box. It was a terrible look and made me realize why it’s so important to at least keep the illusion of objectivity in the press room.

Week 12 7/18-7/24

The team spent the middle of the week on the road so we pretty much just cleaned during the week. I’ve been doing some work on tidying up our website and making it more user friendly. I wish I knew more about how to code because it would really make the job easier. Fortunately, I took enough classes to know the do’s and don’ts of a website. I spent most of the weekend on the radio. It was nice to be back. Tim and I have gotten pretty good with our back and forth. I still average about one comment per half inning, in large part because He knows more about this team and the league. I can make observations based on my knowledge of baseball, but he can make observations based on baseball knowledge and the tendencies of some of our players and coaches. Next week will be similar with the team being away during the week then a three game home stand over the weekend.

Week 11 7/11-7/17

All-Star Week, or “Y’All Star Week” as it was called, was a ton of fun. It was cool to see my coworkers in a less professional setting and get to know them better. I met several of the people in the league office and they were all great people. The trip wasn’t really about work at all and there weren’t very many media people from other teams I could chat with. We have most of this week off but we start a three game series on Friday. I’m still not sure where I’ll be working for those games but I’m staying as flexible as possible and doing whatever they throw at me.

Week 10 7/4-7/10

The last four games of the home stand flew by and I got a new role with the team. Our on field emcee started a new job after the Fourth so they asked me to take over. It’s a totally different ballgame but it’s fun. Part of why I love radio is because people don’t have to look at me. My first game was on a kids day so I had to entertain a stadium full of about 6,000 kids. It was a lot of fun and I think everybody was happy with my performance.

I think this is a good thing for my broadcasting experience because it gives me a better on camera presence and ability to ad-lib. I don’t know if they’re going to keep having me to it but, like I said, everybody seemed pretty pleased so we’ll see how it goes.

Week 9 6/27-7/3

This was a pretty easy week until it wasn’t. The team was on the road during the week then they came home for a weekend home stand. This was by far our busiest weekend of the year and it was really cool to see the stadium so busy. Despite the larger crowds, everybody seems to be in such a routine that it’s pretty manageable. I haven’t been on the radio for the past few days because I’ve been the official scorer. It’s not necessarily the most exciting work but it’s helped me with my game recaps because I can remember every play better than when I’m on the radio.

We’re right in the middle of our longest remaining home stand of the year and it is brutal. I think part of it has to do with it being over a holiday weekend so everybody really doesn’t want to be here. I think it will get better in the next couple days as we kind of start to see the light at the end of the tunnel before all star break. The team is taking whatever interns that want to go to Florence, Ky. for that. It should be a good opportunity to meet people and network.

Week 8 6/20-6/26

Last week was a long one. I’m pretty sure it was our second to last six game home stand which is huge. Having a game every day makes it almost impossible to figure out what day it is. Apparently all of the front office and interns are going to the “Y’All Star Game” in Florence, Kentucky. It should be a good time and a great opportunity to meet people. Bill Lee, the commissioner of the Frontier League, was at at the game on Saturday. He’s been working in sports for 35 years. He seemed like a really knowledgable guy and extremely easy to talk to. It was actually kind of frustrating because I wanted to talk to him and pick his brain but I was running the scoreboard so I kind of had to pay attention to the game.

Week 7 6/14-6/19

We only had one three game series this week and the team was on the road over the weekend. I think I’m getting better on air. I could probably add more to the broadcast but since Tim gives a lot of the pertinent stats and info, I don’t want to come in and repeat what he says or move the focus away from baseball. I’ve been scoring for a couple games and that gives me the opportunity to hear visiting team radio guys. I like listening to them because everybody has different styles so it’s good to hear how other people do it. We have a six game home stand next week that should be pretty grueling.

Week 6 6/6-6/13

The team was on the road this week so there wasn’t much going on in the office. The play-by-play guy travels with the team so he’s handles all of the game recaps and whatnot on when they’re away. I got the phone number for a guy who might be able to give me a job after this internship is over which is pretty great. It’d be the Radio Shopping Show I mentioned earlier. Not quite sports radio but everybody has told me get in where you can and that’s my goal. It’d be a unique experience that would allow me some room to get more polished on air. We have a three game home stand next week and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get a head start on all of my work beforehand. Road trip weeks are kind of fun because I have to figure out ways to stay busy.

Week 5 5/31-6/5

We made it. It was a lot less hectic than I thought it would be but the days started running together after about Thursday. I know it’s Sunday but it might as well be Monday for all I care. I’ve been able to make it in the booth for most of the games and Tim and I have gotten better at our back and forth. Like I’ve said before he’s very used to broadcasting by himself which isn’t the worst thing. Because he says most of the important stuff it means I really have to pick my spots well and come up with unique things so I’m not just repeating what he just said. He’s started having me do advertisement reads coming back from breaks and introducing new pitchers as they come into the game. He had said at the beginning of the year that he’d eventually like me to take an inning or two doing play-by-play so he can take an inning off. I’m hoping that happens soon because I feel like I’m pretty comfortable at this point.

I killed myself today because I showed up later than I should have so I was behind the eight ball all day. Everybody was super helpful even as I lost my mind on our malfunctioning copy machine. Next week is way more relaxed since the team is going on a six game road trip but tomorrow is the high school playoffs. I’ve done a decent job getting ahead of that but I’m worried there’s going to be more press than contacted me. We shall see.

Week 4 5/23-5/30

This was the beginning of the real life stuff. We had the first three games of a nine game home stand this weekend. I’m splitting my time between the radio booth and doing official scoring/scoreboard during games. I’m getting better with the radio stuff. I wish I could do things like chat with the players before games while they take BP and things like that but I’m usually running around doing pregame stuff. All my pregame duties are a lot easier now because I get done what I can the day before so I’m not frantic the day of the game.

One of our front office guys was in radio for a long time and has told me that he knows of a job on a local station that would work for me. It’s “The Radio Shopping Show” so like QVC on the radio. It’s not something I knew even existed before I started working here but it would be a good way to get on air and that’s the ultimate goal. The thing is I really enjoy working in for a team. It’s a really cool atmosphere and has more of a team element than working a beat or working at a radio station. Next week is going to be brutal as we play six games in six days and then host two of the elite eight high school baseball games.

Week 3 5/16-5/22

Last week was a vacation compared to this week. We pulled unreal hours getting the stadium ready for the first game on Friday. Opening day was an absolute whirlwind. I had to have stats ready for both teams as well as the media, make sure media passes were where they needed to be, rosters were printed and up to date, a roster card was printed for the head coach and like nine other things I can’t think of right now.

Being in the booth was a cool experience. Working with Tim was a good way to ease into it because he’s used to doing games by himself so I could kind of sit back and pick the spots where I thought I could add to the broadcast. I can’t stand 99 percent of color commentators on television so I did my best to do the opposite of the guys that bother me.

For the games on Saturday and Sunday I was the official scorer and scoreboard operator so I couldn’t be in the booth. I greatly preferred the booth. I’ve run scoreboards before so that wasn’t an issue but having to press like 10 different buttons at the same time meant I’d forget to hit one every once in awhile. I was a little more nervous because everybody said the last intern who did it went in confident and then royally screwed up but apparently I did okay.

Now that I’ve been through three games I have a way better feel for what I need to do and how to prepare before game day.

Week 2 5/9-5/13

This was a pretty crazy week. Our home opener is next week so there’s a ton of stuff we have to do to get the stadium ready. I haven’t done a ton of journalism things this week but most of that will progress once the home games start. I had a great conversation with our Director of Corporate Alliances, Gerry Clarke. He’s been working in front offices for years and has a ton of interesting stories about working for teams.

I look forward to being on the air next week and broadcasting a live game for the first time.

Week 1 5/2-5/6

Week one was great. This is my first time working for a team rather than covering one and I can’t believe how much being on the other side of it helps so far. I’m in charge of coordinating interviews with media and making sure all the media that will be in the stadium on game day has press passes. I’ve made contacts with one local newspaper and a radio personality.

I met the play-by-play guy for the team on Thursday and he was great. His name is Tim Calderwood and he’s entering his ninth season working in the Frontier League. I get to be on air with him during innings 2-8 for home games and I’ll be in charge of interviewing the player of the game after each game. He has a lot of experience and told me that a lot of people he’s worked with in the past have gone on to positions with major league teams. I didn’t think I’d be doing live broadcasts but the fact that that will be a major part of my job has me incredibly excited. I’ll also be in charge of getting all statistics where they need to be on game day. I have to get the stat packs to the press box in time as well as getting them to the coaches before they get to the stadium on game day. This is probably going to be the most stressful part of my job because if I don’t get the stats to people in time people can’t do their jobs effectively.

The best part of my week was getting the team in the Daily Herald. It wasn’t a huge piece but we had a player’s contract get purchased by the White Sox so they included our press release in the notes after the Sox gamer.

I’m working at a baseball stadium everyday which, short of being on the field coaching, is the best place to be.