Hey White Sox fans! Shut the hell up

In case you hadn’t heard from a Chicago South Sider, the White Sox were the last Chicago baseball team to win a World Series. They did it in pretty convincing fashion, sweeping the Houston Astros in 2005.

Now that we got that out of the way, can we let the Cubs have their moment? Since the World Series started, the Sox faithful have been bitching non-stop about how they’ve been forgotten in all of this whole Cubs making their first World Series since just after World War II thing.

To be fair, the White Sox have always been the second baseball team in Chicago. The Cubs have historically gotten more coverage, more bandwagon fans, more everything. But that’s in large part because the Cubs were owned by the Tribune Company that owned both a nationally circulating newspaper and a national television station by the name of WGN. By modern comparisons, the Cubs are the Notre Dame of baseball, minus the credentials of winning a title in any American’s lifetime. The Domers are currently 2011 Cubs levels of irrelevant but that’s besides the point. I just really hate Notre Dame.

However, based on what I’ve heard from the Sox faithful, you would think they won six straight titles with multiple all-stars each year. They won one World Series title (nothing to scoff at based on the Cubs century plus of futility) and have been between average to flat out abysmal since. They were never a dynasty. They’ve made the playoffs once since ’05 and managed to win one game in the ALDS. They are, at this point, a trivia fact to most. An “Ohhhh yeah! 2005 was the White Sox?” footnote.

As I said, I get it. Being second tier for your team’s entire existence is tough. But at this point, don’t be bitter. Don’t be mad at the Cubs because they got sold to an owner whose main goal was winning a title. Don’t be mad because the Cubs went out and got one of the best baseball minds in the game to build a team (Theo) and one of the best baseball minds to manage that team (Maddon). Be mad at your garbage owner, who has only managed to run two Chicago teams into complete and utter disarray.

Regardless of how this series plays out (I don’t have high hopes but Sunday night left the door open for a team that only needs a cracked window), the Cubs will be in playoff contention for years because of the moves made by an owner motivated by winning. Sadly for the White Sox, until Jerry Reinsdorf stops running his teams like a cash cow with no regard for wins, they will continue to muddle in irrelevancy.

So keep complaining because your team has been so bad since its last title that it’s barely worth mentioning at this point. Just keep it to yourself and remember that the Cleveland team you’re rooting for is a DIVISION RIVAL that could very easily be you if your front office wasn’t yakety sax personified.


I asked a Sox fan what their smack talk will be if the Cubs ever win a World Series and, without stopping for a moment, he said, “At least it didn’t take 108 years to win one.” What a miserable existence.


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