Hey White Sox fans! Shut the hell up

In case you hadn’t heard from a Chicago South Sider, the White Sox were the last Chicago baseball team to win a World Series. They did it in pretty convincing fashion, sweeping the Houston Astros in 2005.

Now that we got that out of the way, can we let the Cubs have their moment? Since the World Series started, the Sox faithful have been bitching non-stop about how they’ve been forgotten in all of this whole Cubs making their first World Series since just after World War II thing.

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Leave Steve Alone

We’re about 5 hours from the Cubs first opportunity to make a World Series since 2003 and I’ve seen an astounding amount of Steve Bartman reminders. The infamous scapegoat of the ’03 season is back in the headlines in maybe the most unfair throwback of all time.

Sure he interfered with a ball that should have been the second out of the eighth inning of Game 6, a play that would have put the Cubs four outs from the World Series. But there are about a million other people that should get more heat than that poor, head-phoned man in the stands.

I could give you a breakdown of all the culprits but the simplest and probably most fair is Alex Gonzalez. His error on a routine double play ball¬†in the same inning¬†should have put the Cubs three outs from a World Series. A Gold Glove caliber short stop couldn’t rise to the occasion. It was his fault. Not a fan going for a souvenir.

So as the Cubs go for their first World Series appearance since 1945 tonight, I beg FOX to at least show that fielding error every time they show that poor fan’s mistake.

Remember When September Was Fun?

As September winds down and we rapidly approach October and playoff baseball, I notice my utter indifference as standings and teams fly across the ESPN bottom line. It might as well be a stock ticker for all I care. Meanwhile, my friends from Michigan watch anxiously, checking the Royals scores, aching for the day that the Tigers finally clinch and they can celebrate or whatever happens when a baseball team does something good.

To be honest, I’m jealous. Baseball season used to be my thing, especially September baseball. There’s nothing more exciting than that final chase. Seeing how my team is doing, cursing at teams that lose to my rival like they personally wronged me. There’s nothing like it.
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