A Word to Michigan Football

Michigan State beat Michigan in football this weekend but that is not what anybody is talking about. MSU was supposed to dismantle Michigan and that is exactly what they did.

All of the talk leading up to this year’s match up was about the general feeling that, if this was any other team, it would be just another rout. I couldn’t even get up my usual Blue hatred that begins to simmer around a week before the match-up.

But then Michigan had to be Michigan.

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Can I nominate Dan Curran for next Michigan State President?

In case you don’t read or watch basketball, Dayton won a pretty big basketball game over the weekend to make their first Sweet 16 appearance in 30 years. Following the massive victory over Syracuse, students flooded to “the ghetto” (as they lovingly refer to that part of campus) and had a massive celebration that included a burning couch and, allegedly, a little bit of tear gas.

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